The Referral Process

How to refer your patient for imaging:

1 Complete the Imaging Service Requisition Form.
2 Our staff will call your patient to schedule an appointment once requisition is received.
3 Have patient complete the medical history form via our online portal prior to their appointment. The patient will have access to the portal once their appointment is scheduled.
4 Once the requested imaging studies are completed, you will receive an email letting you know that the imaging study has been shared with you.

How to submit an imaging
study for interpretation

Complete the “Image Interpretation Only” Requisition Form:

1 Click on the Imaging Service Requisition Form link
2 When you get to the Service Type section, use the drop-down box to select “Image Interpretation Only.”
3 Complete the rest of the form, then move on to upload your imaging studies.

Upload your imaging studies:

4 Sign in/Register on the HIPAA-compliant image-sharing portal.
5 Select DICOM files (only .dcm files) from your computer or the disc you want to upload.
6 Enter optional message and check authorization box.
7 Click “Upload and Share Selected Studies.”
8 Our office will contact you to process payment for your interpretation request once the requisition form is received.

Accessing Imaging Studies
and Radiology Reports

Cone beam CT and digital-imaging studies will be available to the referring doctor to download within two business days via the image-sharing portal. You will receive an email notification and a link once the scan is uploaded. Please make sure to provide an accurate email address on the CBCT requisition form.

Sign In/Register to access imaging studies

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