1. Your dental questions answered

    Panic-stricken at the dental clinic? What can put you at ease? What’s the safest way to whiten your teeth? Are you a smoker? If you have a habit of lighting up a cigarette when you wake up in the morning, should you do so before or after brushing your teeth? Wondering if your wisdom teeth […] Read more

  2. Baby teeth 101: From dental tips to tooth fairy tricks

    By Melissa McDonald and Karen Krakower Kaplan Every night in America, countless “tooth fairies” clock in. Usually disguised as groggy moms and dads, you can spot them counting out cash under a one-watt Cinderella night-light and cursing silently from stepping barefoot on scattered Legos. Traditions vary across the globe, but practical dental advice is universal […] Read more

  3. Taking a bite out of crime: Forensic dentistry

    By Shannon Rasp Every week, millions of Americans are riveted to their television sets watching investigative crime shows. And the minute the medical examiner or detective says the words “bite mark” or “dental I.D.,” you know a dentist is about to become a crime solver. Surprisingly, crimes often feature an oral or dental component; one […] Read more

  4. Burning mouth syndrome: When heated words have nothing to do with anger and everything to do with searing pain

    By Imelda Gott Retired police officer James Maddox noticed a metallic taste in his mouth in 1999 after extensive dental work. Soon, the metallic taste vanished, but he was left with a constant burning. Since then, he has seen dentists, neurosurgeons and oral pathologists to find a way to put out the fire. Three percent […] Read more

  5. Planting teeth: Dental implants are healthier, hardier and lovelier alternatives to dentures, bridges and missing teeth

    By Natalie Wong Camarata (Updated: Oct. 8, 2014) The dental implant is nothing new. Egyptians used gold wire in their jawbones. Ancient South Americans used semi-precious stones. Middle Eastern skeletons from the Middle Ages were found with ivory, and Roman soldiers used iron. Its recent popularity in the United States has led to dental experts […] Read more

  6. Want this smile? Then don’t practice drugstore dentistry on yourself

    By Camille Webb, Erika Durham Hayes and Alexandria Bland Why go to the dentist for that blinding white smile when the drugstore is around the block and wallet-friendly? After all, right there on Aisle 8 sit hundreds of Advanced Tooth Whitening Systems, each one more advanced than the next. Red-carpet smiles are yours from the […] Read more

  7. Wising up: Could wisdom teeth soon become a thing of the past?

    By Camille Webb Just before my daughter turned 5, she had dental treatment done under local anesthesia to fill troublesome cavities. The trauma from the experience alone was enough to make her dislike going to the dentist even for routine cleanings and checkups. However, many years down the road, that experience might lend her an […] Read more

  8. Which toothbrush? Advice from ‘the experts’

    By Camille Webb and Erika Hargrove (Updated: Oct. 8, 2014) We’ve all done it: stride confidently into the drugstore and in sight of the easiest decision we’ll make that day. An hour later, we’re still staring blankly into the oral hygiene aisle. It was all so simple before the distant echoes of marketing research and […] Read more

  9. What’s that smell? How to freshen up chronic bad breath

    By Michele Meyer (Updated: Oct. 8, 2014) Where’s my mouthwash? If that’s your first thought upon waking, you’re not alone. Just because you fear funky oral fumes doesn’t mean you emit them. Up to three-fifths of people who complain of bad breath expel no odor, as measured by the human nose, says Donna Warren-Morris, RDH, […] Read more

  10. The toothpaste trance

    By Camille Webb and Phil Montgomery (Updated: Oct. 8, 2014) Gone are the simple days of just “running in for a tube of toothpaste.” Miles of aisles of mind-numbing choices now stand between you and the simple days. Today, toothpaste contains ingredients in a dizzying array of combinations to address tartar control, stain removal, breath […] Read more